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Fastest way to convert JavaScript NodeList to Array

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A NodeList is a collection of nodes similar to an array. It is basically a collection of DOM elements. In order to work with a NodeList, we may convert it to a regular JavaScript array so that the features and flexibility of an array could be used. A NodeList is a host object and is not subject to the usual rules that apply to native JavaScript objects.

Approach: There are many ways to convert a NodeList to a JavaScript array but the fastest of all is a new method from ES6. In ES6, we can now simply create an Array from a NodeList using the Array.from() method. This method is used to create a shallow-copied new Array instance from an array-like or iterable object. The NodeList we are converting from in this case is the array-like object.


let my_arr = Array.from( given_nodelist )

Example: This example shows the use of the above-explained approach.


    <h1 style="color: green">
    <div class="content primary">
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            and well explained computer science and
            programming articles, quizzes and
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    <div class="content secondary">
        <p>This example demonstrates the fastest
            way to convert from a NodeList to an array.
        // This will act select all div DOM 
        elements in the page
        let nodelist =
        // This will convert the DOM NodeList
        // to a JavaScript Array Object
        let my_arr = Array.from(nodelist);
        // Display the array in the console
        // Display all the values of the 
        // array in the console
        for (let val of my_arr) {


Last Updated : 24 Jan, 2023
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