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Equality and Inference symbols in LaTeX

Last Updated : 30 Nov, 2022
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Equality and Inference symbols are used to denote some relation between two physical quantities, numbers, sets, figures, or any two things. For example, we use = when two things are equal else we use ≠ . We cannot use our keyboard to write these symbols directly as these are not present on our keyboard. So we need LATex code to write them. Include \usepackage{amssymb} to use this notation. 
Equality and Inference Symbols and their LaTex Code :

Not equal to\neq\neq
Similar to\sim\sim
Dot equivalent\doteq\doteq
Triangle Equivalent\triangleq\triangleq
Thick similar to\thicksim\thicksim
Dot equivalent\doteq\doteq
Circle equivalent\circeq\circeq
Not similar to\nsim\nsim
Equality with circle in between\eqcirc\eqcirc
Thick approximate\thickapprox\thickapprox
Falling Dots Equivalent\fallingdotseq\fallingdotseq
Similar equal to\simeq\simeq
Bump Equivalent\bumpeq\bumpeq
Rising Dots Equivalent\risingdotseq\risingdotseq
Double Bump Equivalent\Bumpeq\Bumpeq
Approximately equal to\approxeq\approxeq
Not mid\nmid\nmid
Not parallel to\nparallel\nparallel
Short mid\shortmid\shortmid
Short parallel to\shortparallel\shortparallel
short not mid\nshortmid\nshortmid
Short not parallel to\nshortparallel\nshortparallel
Congruent to\cong\cong
Not Congruent to\ncong\ncong

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