Miscellaneous symbols in LaTeX

Miscellaneous symbols in LaTex are used for various purposes at various places and may have different meanings depending upon the situation. These symbols are not available to write directly from any input device and hence can be written using LaTex codes.

Some miscellaneous symbols and their LaTeX Codes :

Infinity \infty \infty
Proportional to \propto \propto
Variable sized proportional to \varpropto \varpropto
Bowtie \bowtie \bowtie
Left multiply \ltimes \ltimes
Right multiply \rtimes \rtimes
Perpendicular \perp \perp
Wedge \wedge \wedge
Bar wedge \barwedge \barwedge
Double bar wedge \doublebarwedge \doublebarwedge
Therefore \therefore \therefore
Plus with a dot \dotplus \dotplus
Pitch fork \pitchfork \pitchfork
Vee \vee \vee
Vee bar \veebar \veebar
Because \because \because
Diagonal down \diagdown \diagdown
Diagonal up \diagup \diagup
Three times left \leftthreetimes \leftthreetimes
Three times right \rightthreetimes \rthreetimes
Curly wedge \curlywedge \curlywedge
Between \between \between
Measured angle \measuredangle \meeasuredangle
Spherical angle \sphericalangle \sphericalangle
Circle \circ \circ
Bullet \bullet \bullet
Square dot \centerdot \centerdot
Vertical dots \vdots \vdots
Diagonal dots \ddots \ddots
Circle within a circle \circledcirc \circledcirc
Diamond suit \diamondsuit \diamondsuit
Club suit \clubsuit \clubsuit
Heart suit \heartsuit \heartsuit
Spade suit \spadesuit \spadesuit
Square \square \square
Black square \blacksquare \blacksquare
Asterisk \ast \ast
Star \star \star
Big star \bigstar \bigstar

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