Mathematical operator symbols in LaTeX

Mathematical operator symbols –
These symbols are used to write and represent various mathematical functions such as log, cos, sin etc. Though we can write these functions directly but it makes them more clear if written with the help of LaTex codes.

Mathematical operator Symbols and their LaTex Code –

1. sin x \sin x \sin x
2. sin-1 x \arcsin x \arcsin x
3. sinh x \sinh x \sinh x
4. cos x \cos x \cos x
5. cos-1 x \arccos x \arccos x
6. cosh x \cosh x \cosh x
7. tan x \tan x \tan x
8. tan-1 x \arctan x \arctan x
9. tanh x \tanh x \tanh x
10. cosec x \cosec x \cosec x
11. Exponent \exp \exp
12. Kernel \ker \ker
13. Superior limit \limsup\limits_{x\to 0} \limsup\limits_{x\to 0}
14. Minimum \min_{x_1\dots x_T} \min_{x_1\dots x_T}
15. Degree \deg \deg
16. GCD of x and y \gcd (x, y) \gcd (x, y)
17. lg symbol \lg \lg
18. Logarithm of x to base e \ln x \ln x
19. Partial derivative \partial \partial
20. Supremum \sup \sup
21. Denote determinant of A \det (A) \det (A)
22. hom symbol \hom \hom
23. Limit \lim_{x \to 1} \lim_{x \to 1}
24. Logarithm \log \log
25. Denote argument of x \arg (x) \arg (x)
26. dim symbol \dim \dim
27. Infinity \infty \infty
28. Inferior limit \liminf\limits_{x\to 0} \liminf\limits_{x\to 0}
29. Maximum \max_{x_1\dots x_T} \max_{x_1\dots x_T}
30. cot x \cot x \cot x

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