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eLitmus Interview Experience for Full Stack Developer

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Summer Intern(2023) eLitmus interview experience

Securing an internship is an important step in a student’s career journey. Recently, I applied for a full-stack developer role through the eLitmus Summer Internship program. In this article, I will share my interview process, including the online assessment, coding challenges, and a personal HR round. Join me as I recount my experiences and shed light on the expectations and opportunities offered during this interview process.

Round 1: Online Assessment After submitting my application through the eLitmus website, I received an invitation for an online assessment. The assessment consisted of two rounds: one for aptitude and another for coding.

The coding round featured questions that resembled problems from popular coding platforms like GeeksforGeeks (GFG). I encountered the following types of questions:

  1. Binary Search: The question was similar to the distribution of chocolate problems on GFG. It tested my understanding of binary search algorithms and their application in solving specific scenarios.
  2. Hashing: This question resembled the “Pair with Sum K” problem on GFG. It challenged my ability to efficiently use hashing techniques to find pairs with a specific sum in an array.
  3. PriorityQueue: The question involved using a priority queue to find the sum of the two smallest elements. It tested my understanding of data structures and their practical implementation in solving real-world problems.

Round 2: Assessment Task In the second round, I was assigned a task to create a website with login and logout features. The website was required to incorporate puzzles with hints and a leaderboard. This task aimed to evaluate my skills in web development and assess my ability to implement complex features using various technologies.

Unfortunately, I didn’t progress past this round. While I faced some challenges, this experience served as a valuable learning opportunity to further improve my skills and knowledge.

Round 3: HR Round Although I did not personally experience this round, it is worth mentioning that some candidates progress to an HR round after successfully completing the assessment task. This round typically focuses on discussing the candidate’s expectations, salary negotiation, and further exploration of their qualifications and fit for the role.

Conclusion: Participating in the eLitmus Summer Internship interview process for the full-stack developer role provided me with valuable insights into the expectations and requirements for such positions. Despite not progressing beyond the assessment task, I consider the experience as a stepping stone for personal growth and development. The interview process challenged my technical skills, and problem-solving abilities, and showcased the importance of continuous learning in the ever-evolving field of technology.

Last Updated : 22 May, 2023
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