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Dunzo Interview for Software Developer Intern

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 14 Nov, 2019
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Round 1:

It was held oh hackerrank platform consist of 4 coding questions  in 1 hr and 50 minutes.


Q2. A string is given and you have to tell the distance between two “programmer” string which is present in that string as a subsequence of the string.

example:- INPUT- progxrammerxxproxgxrammer OUTPUT- 2

first programmer is present Between 0-10 and second is present between 13-24. If programmer is not present

return 0

Q3. It was regex matching type question a string is given you have to tell how many valid string can be made from that string. condition of valid string were given like string should start with small case followed by two ‘\’ and end with small case.

example:- Input- abc\bcd\d  Output- 6 valid strings are “abc\bcd\d”, “a\bcd\d”, “b\bcd\d” “c\bcd\d”, “ac\bcd\d”, “bc\bcd\d”.

Q4. It was an array related question I don’t remember clearly .

25 were shortlisted among 60 around peoples. people who solved 3 with all test cases were selected.

Round 2: 

He asked me two coding question . interviewer was kind  and helpful .

first- He asked me mirror image of a given tree not with recursion but iteratively.

second-  An array is given you have to give sum of all subset which can be made with the elements of array. Think about recursively.

then he asked me difference btw tcp and udp and what is page fault.

9 were selected after this round and I was one of then 

Round 3: 

she asked me two coding questions .

Q1- An array is given you have return true or false on the basis of if you can make unique pairs from that array and each element should be present in the pair only once.i.e if number of elements is odd return false. and a pair can be made with those elements whose sum is divisible by 101.

example:- {100, 1, 1, 100} pairs are (100, 1) (100, 1) return true.

{50, 51, 1, 100, 4, 95} pairs are (50, 51) (100, 1) but 4 and 95 can’t make a pair so return false.

Q2-  A char matrix is given you have search a word which is present in the matrix you can go to all the 8 directions from a cell.i.e. up, down, left, right and its diagonal. return true if present else false.

Then she asked me difference btw  class and objects told me to write syntax.

and she asked me diff btw tcp and udp.

I solve all the coding questions as well as theory questions.

In every coding questions I was asked to reduce space complexity and time complexity I did that well and they were impressed.

HR Round- It was general hr round . he was telling about the work culture and environment of company .In this round no questions were asked and all 9 of us were selected. It was happy moment for me  🙂 🙂

Advice:- Just clear yous basic they are just checking your problem solving method and your approach.

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