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Dunzo Interview Experience 2021 | 4+ Years Experienced

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Hackerrank Round: There were 3 questions in the test. 

  • 2 were DS Algo and 1 was to implement a function. 
  • I don’t remember the questions exactly but they were easy you can do all the questions in 60 minutes. 
  •  3rd coding question:- Fetch Data from an API, with pagination enabled, and: Ignore certain items which have null titles and story titles. Use another story_title if the title is missing, and vice-versa


  • After clearing this a coding assignment was given in which you have to design a coffee machine(LLD) that produces a certain number of beverages. And there is ingredient storage in there so if any of the ingredients run out then you can’t produce that beverage. You have to code a low-level design for that. 

Round 1(DS Algorithm): It was a DS Algo round two questions were asked:- 

  2. Variation of

Although I needed a little hint in 1st question I was able to solve both questions but still not get selected for 2nd round. I don’t know what they were expecting. DS Algo should be very good to join dunzo.

Last Updated : 29 Jul, 2021
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