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Dunzo Interview Experience ( 4+ years Experienced)

  • Last Updated : 01 Jul, 2020

Hi Team,

I wanted to share the Dunzo Interview experience with GFG.

Location: Bangalore

HackerRank Test:

  2. kth-ancestor-of-a-tree-node

Machine Coding:

Write the working code to create a working coffee machine. Here are the desired features

1. It will be serving some beverages.

2. Each beverage will be made using some ingredients.

3. Assume time to prepare a beverage is the same for all cases.

4. The quantity of ingredients used for each beverage can vary. Also, the same ingredient (ex: water) can be used for multiple beverages.

5. There would be N ( N is an integer ) outlet from which beverages can be served.

Maximum N beverages can be served in parallel.

6. Any beverage can be served only if all the ingredients are available in terms of quantity.

7. There would be an indicator that would show which all ingredients are running low. We need some methods to refill them.

8. Please provide functional integration test cases for maximum coverage.

DS Algo Round:

  • Variation of

Design Round: Design Flash sale

  • Write database model
  • Handle concurrency and how can you scale more traffic
  • Handle payment
  • Maximize profile by giving payment as priority
  • Ex: Inventory : 100k , RPS : 10M

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