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Dropbox – An Introduction

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Dropbox, headquartered in San Fransisco, California is a file hosting service owned by the American company Dropbox and operating since 2007. Dropbox enables files to, share, store, and access securely. The company’s main features are Cloud Storage, File Synchronization, Personal Cloud, and Client Software.

Mission and Values:

The company’s mission is to style a more enlightened way of working. Its mission statement involves two elements:

  1. Enhanced working designs.
  2. Improving lives.
  3. Dropbox encompasses a number of values: Flexibility, Accountability, Security, and Trust. It enforces these values to make sure that it builds a reputation as an honest and dependable provider.
  4. Company’s Clients, Products, and Services

  5. Clients:
  6. Company encompasses a thriving global business with 14.3 million paying users. Top Clients are Expedia, Under Armour, Arizona State University, News Corp, Spotify, National Geographic, University of Florida, Hewlett Packard Enterprise.
  7. Products and Services:
  8. Dropbox offers-
    1. Cloud storage
    2. File sharing
    3. Productivity tools
    4. Team collaboration software
  9. Cloud storage:
  10. Cloud storage benefits include easily storing, accessing, and protecting your data online. You’ll also rest easy, knowing all of your important data is secure. Teams can choose the right cloud space for storing and pricing that works for his or her needs, at the same time to cut energy and maintenance costs associated with data management.
  11. File sharing:
  12. It offers public or private sharing of digital information or resources. Common ways to share files consist of the Internet, detachable USB drives, FTP servers, or peer-to-peer networks. The foremost convenient method used today is online or cloud file-sharing or file transfer, a way to grant access to files and content from one user to a special over the web. Dropbox is often used as a cloud file-sharing system and an online backup storage service.
  13. Productivity tools:
  14. It is a software equipped with productivity apps, tools, and integrations that lets users easily create content utilized in the workplace, like documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Typically, productivity software includes apps for processing, note-taking, email, also as creating and managing spreadsheets. Productivity apps with project management tools are important within the workplace because they’re going to facilitate easy collaboration, communication, time management, and organization of content.
  15. Team collaboration:
  16. It is an approach to project management that mixes working together, innovative thinking, and equal participation to realize a standard goal. The company divides clients into two categories and offers different services to each of them. These categories are-
    1. Freelancers and solo workers, Teams-businesses, and teams of any size.
    2. Individuals
    3. Teams:
    4. for teams and businesses Dropbox provides ‘Dropbox Business’ accounts classified into three packages. Over 450, 000 team account members internationally trust Dropbox Business as a safe and secure workplace.
      1. Standard account:
        • US$12.50 billed yearly, US$15 billed monthly
        • 5 TB Secure Storage Space
        • Easy-to-use sharing and collaboration tools
        • 30 days Free trial
      2. Advanced account:
        • US$20 billed yearly, US$25 billed monthly.
        • 30 days free trial.
        • The maximum amount of space as your team needs.
        • Sophisticated control and safety features.
      3. Dropbox Enterprise is a profitable platform provided with all of the major capabilities of Dropbox Business, plus advanced control and security, enhanced customer support, and adjustments to satisfy your company’s needs.
    5. Individuals:
    6. 3 sorts of accounts are available for individuals:
      • Dropbox Plus:
        • US$9.99 / month when billed yearly, US$11.99/month billed monthly.
        • With 2 TB (2, 000 GB).
        • Dropbox Plus has room for files from all of your linked devices.
        • Files are accumulated securely in one place with access to sync, storage, and sharing features.
      • Dropbox Professional:
        • US$16.58 / month when billed yearly, US$19.99 billed monthly with powerful productivity features for business professionals.
        • 3 TB (3, 000 GB) of space.
        • You’ll share various tasks, leave comments and save all of your files without signing out of Dropbox.
      • Dropbox Basic: offers 2 GB of space at no cost if you’re looking to store or share some files for the project.
    7. What makes Dropbox so popular and demanding?

      1. Dropbox is building the world’s first user-friendly workspace which implies designing products that reduce busywork, so consumers can remain targeted and organized and be in sync with their teams.
      2. Dropbox connects all the content and tools you utilize for work, so everything is well accessible. No more switching between platforms, apps, and content types – a wise workspace allows you to use them in one place.
      3. It brings together the people and conversations related to a file or project. It suggests which content you’ll need for appointments or which could be relevant to a document you’re editing, and even recognizes images so you don’t have to remember file names.
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Last Updated : 01 Nov, 2023
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