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Differences between Associative and Cache Memory

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1. Associative Memory: 
The time required to find an object stored in memory can be significantly reduced if the stored data can be identified by the content of the data for its own use rather than by access. A memory unit accessed by a material is known as an associative memory or a content addressable memory (CAM). This type of memory is accessed simultaneously and in parallel based on the data content rather than the specific address or location. if a word is written in associative memory, no address is given. Memory is capable of finding empty unused space to store the word, or part of the word specified. memory detects all words that match the specified content and marks them for reading. 

2. Cache Memory: 
If the active part of the program and data can be kept in fast memory, the total execution time can be reduced significantly. Such memory is known as cache memory, which is inserted between the CPU and the main memory. To make this arrangement effective. The cache needs to be much faster than main memory. This approach is more economical than the use of fast memory devices to implement the entire main memory. 

Differences between associative and cache memory :

S. No. Associative Memory Cache Memory
1 A memory unit access by content is called associative memory. A fast and small memory is called cache memory.
2 It reduces the time required to find the item stored in memory. It reduces the average memory access time.
3 Here data accessed by its content. Here, data are accessed by its address.
4 It is used where search time is very short. It is used when particular group of data is accessed repeatedly.
5 Its basic characteristic is its logic circuit for matching its content. Its basic characteristic is its fast access.
6 It is not as expensive as cache memory. It is expensive as compared to associative memory.
7 It is suitable for parallel data search mechanism. It is useful in increasing the efficiency of data retrieval. 
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Last Updated : 08 Aug, 2022
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