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Difference between PPTP and OpenVPN

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Prerequisite – Types of Virtual Private Network (VPN) 1. Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) : PPTP was introduced by Microsoft. It is a set of communication rules that implement virtual private networks, which allow organizations a method of expanding their private networks through the tunnels to the public Internet. It enables the creation of secure routing of data transfer from remote client to a private enterprise network through the creation of TCP / IP based networks such as VPNs. PPTP provides following advantages –
  • Low hardware costs
  • Security enhancement
  • Low transmission cost
  • Lower administrative overhead
2. OpenVPN : OpenVPN was introduced by James Yonan. It is the most advanced, more reliable and more popular open source software application that is being used to implement VPN connection. It is more flexible and is used when –
  • You want high security advanced solutions
  • You want special features such as specific tunneling
  • Internet provider blocked you or you want to ignore restrictive firewalls.

  • Difference between PPTP and OpenVPN :
    1. It is a type of protocol that help to implement VPNs. Whereas OpenVPN is an open source software solution that help to implement VPNs.
    2. Microsoft had introduced PPTP. Whereas it was written by a man, James Yonan.
    3. PPTP is very fast as compared to OpenVPN. Whereas it is comparatively slow.
    4. In PPTP, GRE protocol and port number 1723 are used. While port number 1194 is used in this, it can be changed to anyone.
    5. PPTP is less reliable on unstable network connections as compared to OpenVPN. Whereas OpenVPN is comparatively more reliable on unstable network connections.
    6. PPTP can’t be easily recovered compared to OpenVPN. While comparatively it can be easily recovered.
    7. PPTP has some major security weaknesses. While in OpenVPN, there is no such known major weakness.
    8. Firewalls can easily block PPTP. Whereas it can bypass multiple firewalls by installing a port on some known port number like 443.
    9. PPTP is less used world wide. Whereas OpenVPN is more widely used.

    Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2020
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