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Difference between Java and JavaScript

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 16 Nov, 2020

1. JavaScript : 
JavaScript is a lightweight programming language(“scripting language”) and used to make web pages interactive. It can insert dynamic text into HTML. JavaScript is also known as browser’s language. JavaScript(JS) is not similar or related to Java. Both the languages have a C like a syntax and are widely used in client-side and server-side Web applications, but there are few similarities only. 

2. Java : 
Java is an object-oriented programming language and have virtual machine platform that allows you to create compiled programs that run on nearly every platform. Java promised, “Write Once, Run Anywhere”. 

Difference between Java and JavaScript : 

Java is strongly typed language and variable must be declare first to use in program.In Java the type of a variable is checked at compile-time.JavaScript is weakly typed language and have more relaxed syntax and rules.
Java is an object oriented programming language.JavaScript is an object based scripting language.
Java applications can run in any virtual machine(JVM) or browser.JavaScript code used to run only in browser, but now it can run on server via Node.js.
Objects of Java are class based even we can’t make any program in java without creating a class.JavaScript Objects are prototype based.
Java program has file extension “.Java” and translates source code into bytecodes which is executed by JVM(Java Virtual Machine).JavaScript file has file extension “.js” and it is interpreted but not compiled,every browser has the Javascript interpreter to execute JS code.
Java is a Standalone language.contained within a web page and integrates with its HTML content.
Java program uses more memory.JavaScript requires less memory therefore it is used in web pages.
Java has a thread based approach to concurrency.Javascript has event based approach to concurrency.
Java supports multithreading.Javascript doesn’t support multi-threading.


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