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Difference between Internal and External Modem

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Modem :
A modem is a hardware networking device whose basic functioning is to convert data to a signal. Modem is important so as to possess Internet access. Modem are of two types :

1. Internal Modem :
As the name suggests internal modem is an internal part inside a computer. It usually comes with the computer and that too pre-installed. The best thing about internal modem is that it operates with the computer’s power supply and doesn’t need an additional supply to work.

2. External Modem :
An external modem is quiet similar to the internal modem in that it also allows access to the Internet. The external modem is an external part of the computer. It can be used when a computer is unable to fit an internal modem inside of it. The modem typically connects to the computer via a serial or USB cable, and it also needs an external power supply to operate.

Difference between Internal and External Modem :

S.No.Internal ModemExternal Modem
1.It has built-in UART.It doesn’t have built-in UART. They use the computer’s serial port as UART.
2.Its Price is low as compared to external modem.It is comparatively high in price.
3.For internal modem, user doesn’t need to buy any external accessories.In an external modem, RS232 interface cable has to be brought.
4.It is hard to transfer the internal modem to another computer.The external modem can be moved easily.
5.The internal modem is powered by PC.The external modem needs external power supply.
6.It is present inside the computer.It is present outside the computer.
7.It can insert into a vacant expansion slot.It cannot come into the expansion slot.
8.No holder case is required.Holder case is required.
9.It is incompatible with different kind of PCs.It is compatible for all kind of PCs.
10.The user is unable to see the status of the modem directly.The user can check the status of the modem directly.

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Last Updated : 04 Nov, 2020
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