Difference between Modem and Router

Both Modem and Router square measure the networking devices, wherever a electronic equipment connects your laptop or your network to the Internet Service Provider for accessing the web.

A Router is supposed for connecting totally different networks along. The essential distinction between electronic equipment and router is that electronic equipment necessary for connecting your electronic network to the web whereas, a router is crucial to direct the trail to the traffic of information packets on the network.

Let’s study the difference between Modem and Router which are given below:

S.NO Modem Router
1. Modem may be a device that contains a combination of a symptom modulator and a symptom rectifier. While router may be a device that connects multiple networks along.
2. A electronic equipment converts digital signal of your laptop to the analog signal and its vice-versa is also true. While router examines an information packet and verify it’s path to succeed in the destination PC.
3. Modem brings within the requested info from the net to your network. While router distributes that requested data to your PC.
4. Modem is crucial to access the net because it connects your laptop to ISP. While in which you can access the net while not employing a router.
5. It is implemented with data link layer. While it is implemented with network layer.
6. In modem, information packet is not examined; thus, security threat is often there. While in router, information packet is always examined before forwarding it, to work out the threat.
7. It is placed straight to the computer or it is also placed between a telephone line and a router. While a router is placed between a electronic equipment and a network.

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