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Difference between Hive and Oracle

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1. Hive : 

Hive is an open-source data warehouse software. It is built on the top of Hadoop. It also provides HiveQL which is similar to SQL. Hive is used for querying and managing distributed datasets built on Hadoop. Hive uses RDBMS as a primary database model. 

2. Oracle : 

Oracle is commercial software developed by Oracle Corporation. Oracle widely uses RDBMS. It is used for running Online Transaction Processing and Data Warehousing. Oracle runs on the most major operating systems like Mac OS, UNIX, Windows and Linux. Oracle has a networking stack, allows applications from a different platform to communicate with the Oracle easily. 

Difference between Hive and Oracle :

1.It is developed by Apache Software Foundation.It is developed by Oracle Corporation.
2.It was launched in 2012.It was launched in 1980.
3.It is implemented in Java.It is implemented in C and C++.
4.It uses Sharding partitioning method for storing different data on different nodes.It uses Horizontal partitioning method for storing different data on different nodes.
5.There are no transaction concepts.ACID properties of transaction are used.
6.No concept of referential integrity and no Foreign keys.Referential integrity is used in Oracle.
7.It is an open-source software.It is a commercial software.
8.Eventual Consistency method ensures consistency in a distributed system.Immediate Consistency method ensures consistency.
9.It offers API for user-defined Map/Reduce methods.It does not offer any API for user-defined Map/Reduce methods.
10.JDBC, ODBC, Thrift are the APIs and access methods used in Hive.DBC, ODBC, ODP.NET, OCI are the APIs and access methods used in Oracle.
11.Does not support triggers.It supports triggers.

Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2022
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