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Difference between Forward Engineering and Reverse Engineering

  • Last Updated : 21 May, 2020

Forward Engineering:
Forward Engineering is a method of creating or making an application with the help of the given requirements. Forward engineering is also known as Renovation and Reclamation. Forward engineering is required high proficiency skill. It takes more time to construct or develop an application.

Reverse Engineering:
Reverse Engineering is also known as backward engineering, is the process of forward engineering in reverse. In this, the information are collected from the given or exist application. It takes less time than forward engineering to develop an application. In reverse engineering the application are broken to extract knowledge or its architecture.

Difference between Forward Engineering and Reverse Engineering:

S.NOForward EngineeringReverse Engineering
1.In forward engineering, the application are developed with the given requirements.In reverse engineering or backward engineering, the information are collected from the given application.
2.Forward Engineering is high proficiency skill.Reverse Engineering or backward engineering is low proficiency skill.
3.Forward Engineering takes more time to develop an application.While Reverse Engineering or backward engineering takes less time to develop an application.
4.The nature of forward engineering is Prescriptive.The nature of reverse engineering or backward engineering is Adaptive.
5.In forward engineering, production is started with given requirements.In reverse engineering, production is started by taking existing product.
6.The example of forward engineering are construction of electronic kit, construction of DC MOTOR etc.The example of backward engineering are research on Instruments etc.

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