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Difference between Domain Name and URL

  • Last Updated : 22 Jan, 2021

In the world of the internet and websites, Domain Name and URL are very common terms and are used interchangeably, but there is a lot of difference in these two terms. In this article, we will learn what is the difference between the Domain Name and URL.

1. Domain Name :
It is very hard to remember the IP address of the server. Hence, the domain name is the text form of the IP address and it is more human friendly and easy to learn. It is a part of the URL and it is mostly used for branding of the organization. All the parts of the domain name are separated by the periods or dots. An example of the domain name is A domain name can be divided into the following parts.

Type of Server : The www or World Wide Web represents the web server.

Host Name : It is generally the main name of the domain like google , geeksforgeeks etc.

Top-level Domain : The last part of the domain name is top-level domain. Examples are .com,.in,.au etc.


2. Uniform Resource Locator :
Uniform Resource Locator is known as a URL. It is a string that provides the complete address of the web page i.e, this is also known as a web address. In order to access a particular website you just need to put the URL in the search bar to find the website. For example, the web address of the google home page is A URL can be divided into different parts.

Method or Protocol : This is the method or protocol used to retrieve the file from the server.

Host Name : It is also known as the domain name or a human-friendly text form for the IP address of the server where the file or document is located.

Port : It is just a protocol number. It is just a communication endpoint.

Path : It is the location of the file on the server.


Difference between Domain Name and URL :

S. No.Domain NameUniform Resource Locator
1.The main motive of the domain name is to make it easier to access a website. They are more used as a brand and are usually referred to as a brand name.If you want to find a particular website URL is best for it because a URL is a complete web address to find a particular website.
2.A domain name is a human-friendly text form of the IP address.URL is a string that represents the complete web address of any web page.
3.It is the part of the URL that is more human friendly.It is the string that represents a complete web address that contains the domain name.
4.It contains three parts Top Level Domain, Intermediate Level, and the Low Level.It also contains the following parts’ method, protocol, hostname, port, and path of the file.
5.Example: geeksforgeeks.orgExample:


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