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Difference between DevOps and AIOps

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In today world all the essential business tasks are digitalized and IT teams have deal with constant change while ensuring zero downtime. DevOps is an attempt to scale technology with humans but the one which is going to be the race is AIOps. While AIOps takes a board view of the entire technology landscape where the organization relies on it to conduct its business mission, on the other side DevOps teams often does not shows visibility or create awareness of the downstream implications on the enterprise stacks in an organization. In this article we will know more about the difference in between DevOps and AIOps.

1. DevOps :
DevOps are specific practices that focuses and works on the automation and integration of processes between developing software and IT teams .So they can work more efficiently and build, tests and release the software on its own .Basically, its a combination of practices and tools that helps increases an organizations ability and deliver applications its best services at great evolving and faster pace than the organizations using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes .DevOps approach results in a collaboration between the two teams with shared passion to achieve similar goals.

Some benefits of DevOps are :

  1. Furious  and better product delivery process.
  2. Faster issue resolution and reduced complexity
  3. Greater scalability and availability
  4. More stable operating process
  5. Better resource utilization
  6. Collaboration working
  7. Greater automation and system outcomes
  8. Super innovative

2. AIOps :
It combines big data and machine learning in a automatic process to function according to the IT operations, which includes all  event correlation, anomaly detection and causality determination. The term AIOps stands for Artificial Intelligence for IT operations. There are certain cases which includes use of AIOps like intelligent alerting , cross domain situation, cohort analysis, automated remedies and few more.

Benefits of AIOps are :

  1. Cohesive agility
  2. Efficient data processing
  3. Faster digital transformation
  4. Better decision making
  5. Future proofing technology
  6. Reduces turnaround times for requests.
  7. Integrate capabilities with the professional bots and manages end to end users
  8. Self heal future

Difference between DevOps and AIOps :




01. Development and Operations. Artificial Intelligence and Operations.
02. It refers to the combination of people, processes and products. It refers to multilayered tech platform to automate and enhance IT operations.
03. It enables faster releases and deployment cycles by incorporating agile development methodologies. It identifies and resolves the issues automatically in real time and also automates smart AIOps and CloudOps.
04. It helps in delivering applications and services and faster speed. AIOps helps in eliminating human errors and saves time.
05. In DevOps operations collaborates with development and monitor self service solutions/activities. In AIOps Bigdata and Machine Learning are considered as key components.

Organizations are finding new ways and developing  rapidly to simplify their specific  operation. The whole evolution of DevOps to AIOps is giving clear vision that these frameworks will taking a lead in evolving and adaption which help the organizations to implement work in collaboration towards several goals and objectives and achieve the more vigorously.


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Last Updated : 26 Jul, 2021
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