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Difference between Derby and MS SQL Server
  • Last Updated : 02 Jul, 2020

1. Derby :
Derby is a full-featured, open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) implemented in Java and as the name suggests it is developed by Apache Software Foundations. It is based on Java, JDBC and SQL standards. Derby is easy to install, deploy, and use. It is either embedded into a Java application or used as a database server.

2. MS SQL Server :
Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system (RDBMS) which is platform dependent and it is both GUI and command based software. It supports a wide variety of transaction processing, business intelligence and analytics applications in corporate IT environments. It was developed by Microsoft Corporation and initially released on April 24, 1989. It is written in C and C++ languages.

Difference between Derby and MS SQL Server :

SR.NO.DerbyMS SQL Server
1It is developed by Apache Software Foundation in 1997.It is developed By D. Richard Hipp. in 1989.
2It is written in Java language.It is written in C and C++ language.
3The primary database model for Derby is Relational DBMS.The primary database model for MS SQL Serve is Relational DBMS.
4Server operating systems for Derby are Windows, macOs, Linux, Unix, BSD and z/OS.Server operating systems for MS SQL Server are Linux, Windows.
5It has Java Stored Procedures for Server-side scripts.It has Transact SQL, .NET languages, R, Python and (with SQL Server 2019) Java for Server-side scripts.
6APIs and other access methods used by Derby is JDBC.APIs and other access methods used by MS SQL Server are ADO.NET, JDBC, Tabular Data Stream (TDS)and ODBC.
7It supports only Java programming language.It supports C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, Visual basics, PHP, PL/SQL, Python, R, Ruby, etc.
8It supports Master-Slave Replication methods.It supports replication method but depending on the SQL-Server Edition.
9It is a open source software framework.It is a commercial databases.
10It supports fine grained access rights according to SQL-standard.It also supports fine grained access rights according to SQL-standard.

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