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Difference between CloudMe and RapidShare

Last Updated : 14 Nov, 2022
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1. CloudMe : 
CloudMe is a file storage service which is provided by CloudMe AB. It provides file synchronization, cloud storage and client software. It was founded by Daniel Arthursson in 2011. Initially it was named iCloud but later Apple acquired that name. It offers 3 GB free storage space. It provides limited storage space for premium accounts. Its biggest competitor is Dropbox. 

2. RapidShare : 
RapidShare was a file hosting service, cloud storage service and online backup service which was provided by RapidShare AG. It had the ability to handle a large number of users at the same time. It was available in various languages like English, French, German and Spanish. It was developed by Christian Schmid. It was initially named ezShare. It was one of the earliest cloud storage services. It was launched in 2002. 

Difference between CloudMe and RapidShare :

It is owned by CloudMe AB. It was owned by RapidShare AG.
It was launched in 2011. It was launched in 2002.
It was developed by Daniel Arthursson. It was developed by Christian Schmid.
It offers 3 GB free storage space and 500 GB maximum storage space for paid. It offered limited storage space for both free and paid accounts.
It is a file hosting, file synchronization and cloud storage service. It was a file hosting and online backup service.
Maximum file size is 150 MB for free and unlimited for premium accounts. Maximum file size was 500 MB per file.
Links are not expired after inactivity of some days. RapidShare links expired after inactivity of 60 days.
It is still in use. This service was suspended in 2015.
Files can be downloaded multiple times. Files could be downloaded only 10 times in free account.
It offers additional 500 MB free storage space for referral up to 19 GB. It did not have referral system.
It has no traffic or band-width limit. It had variable traffic or band-width limit according to paid plans.

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