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Difference between Cloud Computing and Virtualization

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Cloud computing: Cloud computing is a bundle of principles and approaches to deliver computer network, and storage infrastructure resources, services, platforms and applications to users on-demand across any network. These infrastructure resources, services, and applications are sourced from clouds, which are pools of virtual resources orchestrated by management and automation software so they can be accessed by users on-demand through self-service portals supported by automatic scaling and dynamic resource allocation. 

Virtualization: Virtualization is a technology that allows creating multiple simulated environments or dedicated resources from a single, physical hardware system. Software called hypervisors connects directly to that hardware and allows you to split 1 system into separate, distinct, and secure environments known as Virtual machines(VMs). These VMs rely on the hypervisor’s ability to separate the machine’s resources from the hardware and distribute them appropriately. 

Below is a table of differences between Cloud Computing and Virtualization: 

FeaturesCloud ComputingVirtualization
BasicPool and automate virtual resources for on demand useBuilt multiple simulated environments from one physical hardware system
CostPrivate Cloud : HIGH CAPEX and low OPEX Public Cloud : Low CAPEX and high OPEXHigh Capital expenditures (CAPEX) low Operating Expenses (OPEX)
FlexibilityVery flexibleQuite less
Type of servicelaasSaas
Dedicated hardwareMultipleSingle can also work
IntegrationFuture expansion of users, application, etcExpansion of new machines within the same infrastructure
Disaster recoveryDepends on multiple machinesDepends upon the single machine
FormPrivate and Public cloudHardware and application virtualization
AccessibilityPrevalently accessedNot allowed to be accessed from outside the network
ConfigurationIn Cloud Computing , Configuration is image based.In Virtualization, Configuration is template based.
Last Updated : 29 Dec, 2022
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