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Difference between BorgBase and pCloud

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1. BorgBase : 
BorgBase is a backup storage software which is provided by Borge Collective. It is basically designed for Unix like operating system based systems. It was launched by Borge Collective in 2010. It was majorly developed using Python. It offers 10 GB free storage space. It also provides unlimited storage space for paid accounts. It is also known as Attic Backup Software. 

2. pCloud : 
pCloud is a file sharing and cloud storage service which is provided by pCloud AG. It is a secure cloud storage service. It also provides the file sharing service which helps in sharing of files with other users. It does not have limitation of file size. It was developed by pCloud AG. It offers 10 GB free storage space. It provides limited maximum storage for paid. It was launched in 2013. 

Difference between BorgBase and pCloud :

It is owned by The Borg Collective.It is owned by pCloud AG.
It was launched in 2010.It was launched in 2013.
It was developed by The Borg Collective.It was developed by pCloud AG.
It offers 10 GB free storage space.It offers 10 GB free storage space.
It provides unlimited maximum storage space.It provides limited maximum storage space.
It is a file hosting and cloud storage service.It is a file sharing, cloud storage and backup service.
Maximum storage size is 100GB for Small, 1TB for Medium, and 2TB for Large paid plan.Maximum storage size is 2 TB here.
It does not support file versioning.It supports file versioning.
It is only supported by Unix-like operating systems.It is supported by all operating systems.
It provides append-only support.It does not provide append-only support.
It does not provide client-side encryption.It provides client-side encryption.

Last Updated : 23 Dec, 2022
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