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Difference between Barcode and QR Code
  • Last Updated : 24 Jul, 2020

1. Barcode :
Barcode provides us with the way to store numbers in a computer understandable format. This is used to store information in a 1D or 2D format can be scanned for data retrieval. It is used by stores back off sweaters for keeping track of the patients just in case of rental car services to track where the car is in cases of airline luggage.

Barcode that scans to GeeksforGeeks

2. QR code :
QR codes are a way of storing data in the form of computer understandable format, that can be scanned by using QR code scanner to retrieve the data. These are widely used nowadays for cashless and UPI payment services. They can be used in case of identifications and are also used for sharing photos, videos and other files.

QR Code that scans to

Difference between Barcode and QR Code :

S.No.BarcodeQR code
1.It was developed in 1952.It was developed in 1994.
2.It was developed by Norman Joseph Woodland.It was developed by Masahiro Hara.
3.It is of 2 types, 1 dimentional and 2 dimentional.It is only of 1 type.
4.It is a way of storing numbers in a printed and computer understandable format.It is a type of 2D barcode or printed representation of data that can be scanned for data retrieval.
5.It is used at stores for tracking all purchased items, in hospitals for tracking the records of patients, in rental cars business and tracking of airline luggage, mails and nuclear waste.It is used in supermarkets, hospitals, cinema or by individuals etc. for transfer of data (sharing contacts, photos, videos and other documents).
6.It is based on Morse Code technology.It is based on Morse Code technology.
7.It requires line of sight.It requires line of sight.
8.It has lesser data storage as compared to Fastag.It has more data storage than the barcodes.
9.Only one barcode is examined at once.Only one QR code is examined at once.
10.Only Reading is done using Barcode.Only Reading is done using Barcode.
11.It is slower in processing as compared to Fastag.It is slower in processing as compared to Fastag.
12.It stores information horizontally.It stores information horizontally and vertically.13.It is a vertical arrangement of parallel lines (according to the standard version).It is an arrangement of square dots on square grids.14.It stores less information than QR codes.It stores more information than barcodes (it is used to store multimedia data).

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