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Difference between AWS Cloudwatch and AWS Cloudtrail

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1. AWS Cloudwatch: 

It is a monitoring tool used for real-time monitoring of AWS resources and applications. It provides a report on the basis of monitoring which can be used to analyze the performance of the system.  CloudWatch also detect irregular behavior in your environments. It also sets the alarm. It monitors various AWS resources like Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon S3, Elastic Load Balancer, etc. 

2. AWS Cloudtrail:

 It is a service that enables governance, compliance, operational auditing, and risk auditing of your AWS account. It continuously logs and monitors the activities and actions across your AWS account. It also provides the event history of your AWS account including information about who is accessing your AWS services.  Remediation actions are also taken by cloudtrail.      

Difference between AWS Cloudwatch and AWS Cloudtrail :

S.No.AWS CloudwatchAWS Cloudtrail
1.It is mainly concerned with happenings on AWS resources.It is mainly concerned with what is done on AWS and by whom.
2.It is a monitoring service for AWS resources and applications.It records API activity in the AWS account.
3.Using Cloudwatch you can track metrics and monitor log files. You can also set alarm for various events.CloudTrail provides greater visibility into user activity by tracking AWS console actions including who made the call, from which IP address and when.
4.It specifically records the application logs.It provides information about what occurred in your AWS account.
5.It delivers metric data in 1 minute period for detailed monitoring and 5 minute periods for basic monitoring.It delivers an event within 15 minutes of the API call.
6.It stores data in its own dashboard in the form of metrics and logs.It can centralize all the logs across regions and even across many accounts and store them on S3 bucket.
7.It offers free basic monitoring resources by default, such as EC2 instances, RDS, etc.It is enabled by default when AWS account is created and start working from then.
8.AWS CloudWatch focuses on the health of aws resources.AWS CloudTrail focuses on the activities performed inside the aws environment.
9.It provides offers to collect, analyze and monitor applications health.It provides Auditing services for AWS accounts.
10.In CloudWatch, Logs are saved in Particular group.In CloudTrail, Logs are saved in S3 Bucket.
11.AWS CloudWatch is available in free and premium pricing models.AWS CloudTrail is free. If you want to put up a single trail to deliver a single copy of management events.
12.Companies using CloudWatch are Airbnb and 9GAG.Companies using CloudTrail are Netflix and Slack.

Last Updated : 22 Jun, 2022
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