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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience for Summer Internship 2021

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Round 1 (Coding round) :

This round was held on HackerEarth. There were 10 MCQ questions on DSA, OS, DBMS, OOP, CN concepts for 4 marks each along with 2 coding questions for 25 marks each. The participants were asked to keep their webcams on. More than 100 people appeared for this round and 16 were taken forward. I got about 7-8 of the MCQs correct. The following were the coding questions :

1) An easy question with a simple if-else solution. This didn’t take much time.

2) Given an array, find the minimum cost of jumping out of the array. You can either jump 2 indices forward or 1 index backward and the cost of a jump from the index i is a[i]. It was a basic dynamic programming question. My solution passed 7/10 test cases.

Round 2 (Techincal Interview) :

This round was held over Skype Business and lasted for 45 mins. The interviewer was friendly, appreciative, and made sure that I was comfortable. It went well mostly. I could answer most of the questions. 9 out of 16 people were selected from this round. Here are a few questions:

1) Introduce yourself.

2) What is OOP? What are classes and objects?

3) What are the access specifiers in C++ and what do they do?

4) What is the difference between static and dynamic variables in a class?

5) Can static functions be called from inside of a non-static function?

6) Write pseudocode to calculate all the occurrences of a particular number in a given array. I was asked to share my screen and write it on Notepad. I was asked to explain it along with the time complexity.

7) Write pseudocode for calculating the factorial of a given number. I wrote the dynamic programming approach solution. He asked me to write the recursive solution too.

8) What is threading?

9) Find the next number in the series 1, 2, 5, 10, _ 

10) What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS?

11) What is hashing (I didn’t give a satisfactory answer)

12) BFS and DFS

13) Left traversal and right traversal (I accepted that I couldn’t answer this question. He changed the question immediately)

14) What are your hobbies?

15) How often do you travel? Situational questions on this.

16) A few questions about git, SSH, NodeJS and REST APIS based on my resume.

Round 3 (Professional Fitnesss Round) :

This was a level up of the previous round and lasted for 20-30 mins. It was completely based on my resume.

Tip: Make sure that you have sound knowledge of each and every thing that you mention on your resume.

1) Questions based on my current internship project.

2) Difference between SQL and NOSQL. Which one should be used where?

3) How to create tables in NoSQL? (A trick question. NoSQL doesn’t contain tables)

4) A few SQL queries. How will you find the 5th largest salary without ordering the rows. (I couldn’t answer this.)

5) Something called Dataframe or similar. (I couldn’t answer this one either.)

6) A few MongoDB queries. Follow up question – how will you ensure that this query be executed fast enough given a million entries at least? (Again a trick question)

7) What do you do in your free time after college?

Round 4 (HR interview):

This round lasted for about 20 minutes. The HR person and I had a really good chat and she was impressed by the end of it. The idea behind this round is to keep the conversation going and they test if you are clear about your ideologies. All the people who appeared for the previous round also appeared for this one and then 5 on 9 people, including me, were selected based on both of these rounds. Here are the questions :

1) Introduce yourself.

2) As a part of all the college clubs, narrate an incident where you faced a difficulty and how did you overcome it? A good conversation followed this question.

3) How would you deal with a person who’s being unnecessarily critical and negative to you?

4) Do you believe in escalating matters to the higher authority? This was a follow up based on my previous answer.

5) Why Deutsche?

6) What are the 2 values that you cherish the most? I said one of them was loyalty.

7) Narrate an incident where you depicted loyalty. We had a nice chat after this one too.


They ask you if you have any questions for them after each round, make sure that you ask them at least one question. Saying no shows disinterest.

If you aren’t sure about a question, tell them straight away, they’ll change the question.

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Last Updated : 17 Sep, 2020
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