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Deploy a Website Using AWS Amplify

Last Updated : 28 Mar, 2023
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Pre-requisite: AWS Amplify

Amplify is a suite of tools and frameworks developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that are used for managing hosting services for web apps as well as for launching software applications on AWS. On AWS, two well-known services include Amplify Studio and Hosting.

Amplify Studio: It is a platform for development that is typically used to create online and mobile applications. It can build an existing backend using AWS Amplify, and it also offers UI development. With Studio, we can quickly create a brand-new web application from scratch, grow without difficulty, and satisfy every user.

Amplify Hosting: Vue.js, React.js, Angular.js, and other Single Application Platform frameworks are supported. side-generators like VuePress and Gatsby Hugo. Create and deliver SSR software programs made with the Next.js toolset. You can examine updates during software testing by activating auto-completion previewing. With the use of Amplify testing, you can create the integrity of any software.

Steps for Deploying Application on AWS

Step 1: Visit the AWS website first, then Sign In.



Step 2: Sign in to your AWS root user email account in case you haven’t created one.

root user


Step 3: Use Search to look up AWS Amplify.

select amplify


Step 4: Select “Host Web App” from the menu.

host web app


Step 5: Click the Deploy without Git Provider or other settings button

deploy app


Step 6: Enter the given details App Name –> Environment Name –> Drag the Your Project –> Save & Deploy

config app


Step 7: Click the provided Domain link now.

deployed app link


The above steps allow us to launch our application on AWS.

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