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DE Shaw Interview Experience(On Campus) Internship 2021

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So, DE Shaw was the first company which came to NIT Jalandhar for offering internship for Summer 2021. 

Company allowed only certain branches to appear for the round 1 which were Computer Science, ECE & ICE.

To be eligible to appear for the first Round, company had set a CGPA Criteria :

i) 7 for Computer Science

ii) 8 for ECE & ICE which was reduced to 7.5 one day before the first round. 

Round 1 : 

This round was a bit lengthy and required the use of calculator.

This was a proctured test and each candidate is monitored using webcam.

The First Round Consisted Of Two sections & Its Duration Was 95 mins:

This Round had the following rules:

i) For an incorrect submission 33% of the marks will be deducted.( Negative Marking).

ii)Time was allotted for each section. After the time for section was over it couldnt be accessed again.

iii) Once a section is submitted or closed you cannot visit it again or modify it.

iv) You cannot move to next section until you submit the present section.

v) Sections were to be attempted in given order only.

vi)Remaining Time Of One Section Will Not Be carried forward to other sections 

i) MCQ Section : MCQ section had in total 28 questions(3*28=84 marks) and time allotted as 45 minutes and had the following Parts:

a) Aptitude: This section Consisted Of 16 Aptitude questions from the following topics:

  • General English Paragraphs
  • Profits And Loss Questions
  • Percentage Questions
  • Bar Graph Questions

b) Technical : This Section Consisted of 12 MCQ’s from the following Topics:

  • Data Structures And Algorithms
  • Space And Time Complexity
  • Database Management System
  • Predict the Output Questions

ii) Coding Section: This Section consisted of two questions and time alloted was 50 mins.

First question: i) Priority Queue Based Question(20 marks)

Rahul has n tasks. Time required to complete each task is t[i](for i’th task). Rahul has K days. Rahul picks up the task requiring highest number of time and starts doing it. He works for ceil(t[i]/2) hours. It is given that he will perform one task each day and cannot work for more tha  12 hours in a days i.e if ceil(t/2) is greater than 12 then he will work for twelve hours. He works for K days. tell the total remaining time he would take to finish all the tasks left.

Second Question : ii) DP Based Question.(30 marks)

A matrix  is given or r rows and c columns. Each cell is a factory that  has a loot amount of a(i,j). We can start looting from any cell. The Directions allowed to move are Down & Right with a constraint that i can loot a factory only is previous loot is lesser than this loot. We need to find the maximum number of factories that can be looted.

TOP 15 students from this test qualified for the round 2.


 Round 2 was a Codepair Round. In this round i had an interview with a company official. In  Codepair round we were given a live code editor and the interviewer can see live what we are coding and also video conference call continues side by side.

This Round Consisted Of 3 Questions: 2 Coding Question and 1 Puzzle:

Coding Question: 

1)Link To the first question:

2) In This question we were to predict the suitable data structure used for this situation.

You are given data for 5 years for 50 cities. Data Includes city name, date, minimum temperature, maximum temperature. You need to predict the data structure required to answer the following queries:

a) Hottest city on a given date

b) Coldest city on a given date

c) Hottest city in entire period

d) Coldest city in entire period

e)Hottest day of entire period

f) Coldest day of entire period

Puzzle Question:

You have N machines which produce bolts (each bolt weighing exactly 10 gm) with one machine which is defective and produces bolts of 9 grams.  You are given an electronic weighing machine. You need to use the machine minimum number of times and tell which machine is faulty. What is the minimum number of times you will use the machine

Unfortunately I Could not clear This Round.

In this Round 5 students were selected  for next round.

Last Updated : 07 Aug, 2020
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