DBMS Full Form

DBMS stands for Database management system. DBMS is the software which is used to manage databases. For example, MySQL, Oracle etc, are popular commercial DBMSs used in different applications. It is a reliable, easy and efficient way of data processing and management.

History of DBMS :
In the year 1960, the first form of DBMS was designed by Charles Bachman. It was then replaced by another Information Management System (IMS) made by IBM in the year 1970. This attracted some people who were not from IBM. In 1973, two researchers Michael Stonebraker and Eugene Wong started their research on relational database systems. This pressurized IBM to develop a new technology in database management systems known as SQL in the year 1974. Further, in the year 1980, the relational models were widely accepted as database components.

Characteristics of DBMS :

  1. Creation of a database.
  2. Retrieval of information from the database.
  3. Updating the database.
  4. Managing a database.

Advantages of DBMS :

  • Processing Queries became much faster than traditional File Systems
  • Redundancy control and inconsistency of data was removed.
  • Efficient methods of memory management.
  • Multiple user interface.

Disadvantages of DBMS :

  • Increase in costs as DBMS require proper Hardware and software along with skilled man power.
  • Regular updates are required.
  • Technology advancement requires regular training of the respective handler.

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