Count of pairs of strings which differ in exactly one position

Given an array arr[] of strings of equal lengths. The task is to calculate the total number of pairs of strings which differ in exactly one position.


Input: arr[] = {“abc”, “abd”, “bbd”}
Output: 2
(abc, abd) and (abd, bbd) are the only valid pairs.

Input: arr[] = {“def”, “deg”, “dmf”, “xef”, “dxg”}
Output: 4

Method 1: For every possible pair, check if both the strings differ in exactly a single index position with a single traversal of the strings.

Method 2: Two string can be compared in the following way in order to check whether they differ in a single index position:

Let str1 = “abc” and str2 = “adc”
For str1, add “#bc”, “a#c” and “ab#” to a set.
Now for str2, generate the string in the similar manner and if any of the generated string
is already present in the set then both the strings differ in exactly 1 index position.
For example, “a#c” is one of the generated strings.
Note that “#” is used because it will not be a part of any of the original strings.

Below is the implementation of the above approach:





# Python3 implementation of the approach
# Function to return the count of same pairs
def pair_count(d):
    return sum((i*(i-1))//2 for i in d.values())
# Function to return total number of strings 
# which satisfy required condition
def Difference(array, m):
    # Dictionary changed will store strings 
    # with wild cards
    # Dictionary same will store strings 
    # that are equal
    changed, same = {}, {}
    # Iterating for all strings in the given array
    for s in array:
        # If we found the string then increment by 1 
        # Else it will get default value 0
        same[s]= same.get(s, 0)+1
        # Iterating on a single string
        for i in range(m):
            # Adding special symbol to the string
            t = s[:i]+'#'+s[i + 1:]
            # Incrementing the string if found 
            # Else it will get default value 0
            changed[t]= changed.get(t, 0)+1
    # Return counted pairs - equal pairs
    return pair_count(changed) - pair_count(same)*m
# Driver code
if __name__=="__main__":
    n, m = 3, 3
    array =["abc", "abd", "bbd"]
    print(Difference(array, m))




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