Connect Django Project to MongoDB using Django

Djongo is a SQL to mongodb query transpiler. Using djongo we can use MongoDB as a backend database for our Django project. We don’t even need to change the Django ORM. The best part is that we can setup Django with MongoDB by adding just one line of code. There is no need to change serializers, views, or any other modules.

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Working –

Djongo translates a SQL query string into a MongoDB query document. Therefore there is no need to change models, serializers, views or any Django features. Djongo supports all django contrib libraries which make it an easy to use connector.

Requirements –

1. Python 3.6 or higher.

2. MongoDB 3.4 or higher. (If you are using nested queries then MongoDB 3.6 or higher is required.)

Features :

  • Reuse Django Models/ORM.

    As Django Models are compatible with Djongo, we can use reuse them.

  • Integrity checks

    Djongo allows integrity checks like missing values before they are saved to the database.

    For eg- Missing values are never stored if we set null=False, blank=False in EmbeddedField

  • Validators

    We can apply validation checks like URLValidator, EmailValidator, RegexValidator etc. before each fields are saved to the database.

Usage :

  • Step 1 : Setup Virtual Environment

    virtualenv myenv

  • Step 2 :  Install Django

    pip install django

  • Step 3 : Install Djongo

    pip install djongo

  • Step 4 : Start Django Project

    django-admin startproject geeks_project

    Your project structure will look like this :

    Now, open file

  • Step 5 :  Make changes to file

    Comment out or remove previous SQL Database configuration and add the following code in file :

       DATABASES = {
          'default': {
              'ENGINE': 'djongo',
              'NAME': 'your-database-name',

That’s it. Now you can Use Mongodb as a backend database for your django project, without changing a single django model!

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