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12 Common Interview Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

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Interviews are crucial thus the chances of mistakes are high! But this cannot be done as our future depends on the way we present ourselves in an interview. It is a chance of showcasing the best qualities possessed by someone. However, sometimes to become the best, we make silly interview mistakes which can become the main drawback hence, taking away the chance of getting that job. Therefore, you must work on yourself before going for any interview, prepare in a way that you do not fumble, and give all the answers in full confidence. Always think before you speak as it makes you look intelligent blabbering can create a wrong impact on the person sitting in front of you.


Common Interview Mistakes Most People Make & How To Avoid Them:

So in this article, we will be talking about the common mistakes people tend to make while giving an interview, and how can they avoid making them. Now let’s proceed further and take a look at the article which can help you in preparing for an interview in the future:

1. Not Gathering Enough Information About the Company and Work

Not gathering sufficient information about the company and job profile can be a huge mistake. No matter how good you are, a company cannot hire a database administrator when they need a Python coder. If you are shortlisted for a job interview then they expect you to know about the technology you may have to work on in the company. Knowing about the company&#x2019s profile will give you an edge over others and further knowledge about the kind of work the company does will get you through for sure.

2. Not Able To Answer Tricky Questions

Where do you see yourself after 5 years? What are your future plans? What if you are not selected? Such questions are asked only to check the mindset of a candidate. The interviewer is obviously never interested in your future plans but he/she is trying to see your insight into yourself in the upcoming years. Giving a crystal clear vision only proves that your path is unambiguous and you know where you want to be. Such employees can be an asset to any organization and will always be given preference for hiring.

3. Fumbling

Lack of confidence is the first impression if you are fumbling in an interview. You have certain abilities and that&#x2019s the reason you have received a call for the interview. Faltering every sentence would not lead you anywhere. To avoid that, the best remedy is to stand in front of the mirror and read a newspaper looking eye to eye at yourself. Believe it or not, you would start feeling confident after certain days of practising this trick.

4. Answering When You Are Not Sure

At one point confidence is the key to success, being overconfident may also land you in a mess. Especially in a technical interview giving wrong answers might trouble you like anything. If you do not know about some topic saying &#x2013&#x201cSorry, I don&#x2019t know&#x201d is always a safer option than answering anything randomly.

5. Remember To Wear a Smile 

Nobody likes to see tense sad faces, be it you or the interviewer. Smiling always gives a positive aura in a so-called tension-packed interview room. Your smile will give confidence and at the same time a sense of positivity to the other side of the table.

6. Not Knowing Your Strengths and Weaknesses 

Now that is what we call catching the nerve. Representing your strength as strength and on top of it portraying weakness also as strength is quite a tricky job. You need to be pre-prepared well in advance to hit the right chord in this question. Your answer must not be too over-dedicated and not too casual too. You must priorly think about these answers and if not able to find them on your own then your buddies are the best to let you know about your personal traits. But make sure you have prepared the answer well in time before an interview. Additionally, as per today’s trend, interviews are being taken virtually, and thus you can go through 7 Common Virtual Interview Mistakes You Must Avoid and gain proper knowledge.

7. Being Over Pleasing

To agree on everything, what the interviewer is saying is also not a good approach. This reflects that you either do not have any opinion or you want this job by hook or crook, both of the reasons being wrong. Give your thoughts politely and in case you do not agree say that you don&#x2019t. Everybody is fond of a person having their own thoughts and opinions and they&#x2019ll respect it too.

8. Patience is the Word, Frustration Can Bring You Down

You may be searching for a job for a long time and not be able to crack interviews from the beginning. No matter what is the reason, an Interviewer must not sense your disappointment at any point of time during the interview.  It shows your persistence to be calm even under pressure and stressful working conditions. Keeping patience before the interview will help you in good preparation and during the interview will help you through.

9. Lack of Enthusiasm

Being enthusiastic during an interview is quite important and a lack of it can create a negative impact and show that you are not interested in the job or the company. Therefore, it is important that you keep your energy high and show the interviewer that you are really interested for the new job and the potential role for which you are giving or about to give to interview.

10. Not Being Polite and Humble

As said above, throughout the interview you need to be calm and very polite. Answering when required and that too very gently & non-aggressively is the key. You may be not like that as a person but do not let it come in your interview. After all, it&#x2019s just a matter of a few minutes.

11. Subject Knowledge Deficiency

All the points above may hardly help if you lack subject knowledge. A team of interviewers has spared a lot of time to get intelligent guys as their teammates and if they don&#x2019t find that technical expertise in you then all other traits may go in vain. So, start preparing for your placements/interviews well before time and look for what you aren&#x2019t good at. Prepare the subjects one by one or get some tips and tricks on placement by going through 10 Tips and Tricks For Placement Interviews. Also, use all the resources available to you, be it your library, internet, seniors, colleagues, faculties, friends, or anybody who may help in any manner. 

12. Not Following Up After Interview

Another common mistake that people should avoid is not following up after the interview is done. Once you are done with the interview following up seems to be a burden and make up our minds that the interviewer will contact us themselves. But it is not true, it is your duty to follow up and ask about the further update. This helps in creating a good image of yourself in front of the interviewer and implies that you are very much concerned about the upcoming job role. Along with that, makes your existence clear, so it is important to follow up after the interview if you are really serious about the job. 


So these were the most common interview mistakes made by candidates during the interview. Hence, you can follow the tips given above and try not to do any of such things. This will definitely help you in creating a good reputation in front of the interviewer and get also increase your chances of getting the job. 

Last Updated : 10 Aug, 2023
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