Citrix R&D Interview Experience

Round 1: Online Test (2 hrs)

This round consisted of 43 Questions distributed into 2 Coding Questions, and 41 were MCQ’s on CS Core Subject like  Operating Systems, Networking, Data Structure, Aptitude, Quantitative.

Coding Question 1: Given a number as a string, how many prime numbers can be formed.

Eg: I/p : 357

O/p : 4

{3}, {5}, {7}, {37}

Coding Question 2: In a binary matrix, find the nearest 1 to every 0’s in matrix and output the matrix with closest 1.

This test was conducted on hackerrank platform .

After this round 40 were shortlisted out of 450 Students.

Round 2: Technical Round (30 Mins)

  1. Tell me something about yourself.
  2. What is difference between function over-riding and function overloading
  3. Inheritance, this pointer and various other tricky OOPS related questions.
  4. Virtual Classes
  5. Given a 2-D matrix, replace element by the sum of its 4 neighbouring elements.
  6. Find occurrences of elements in a 1-D array.
  7. Discussion on my Projects.

Round 3: Technical Round(50-55 Mins)

  1. Introduce Yourself
  2. Difference between Trees and Graphs
  3. Difference between BFS and DFS in Trees.
  4. Implement BFS.
  5. Implement DFS with and without recursion and further increased difficulty of question by modifying the output according to his wish.
  6. Detect Cycle in an undirected graph.
  7. Asked me how I implemented Occurences question in previous Round, which I implemented using Hashing.
  8. What is Hashing, how is it stored in Memory, Why searching in Hash Table is Constant Time.
  9. Memory Structure in C++.
  10. What is collision in Hashing. Explained it using 3000 balls and 100 bucket analogy.
  11. How is time in searching in Hash computed?
  12. How can Collisions be avoided in Hash Table?
  13. What are semaphores? Discussed how Train ticket booking System works using semaphores application.
  14. Wave array question.
  15. Asked a funky way of Swapping two numbers. Answer : Using XOR Operation.

Round 4: Techno-Managerial Round(45 Mins)

  1. What is difference between Function Overloading & Function Over-riding.
  2. Find element which does not occur in a 1-D array. Rest all elements occur 2 times in an array.
  3. Why Citrix?
  4. Importance of Team Work.
  5. Discussion on Projects.
  6. Data Structure I find the most unique. I told them Trie Data Structure.
  7. Leaders in an array.
  8. Some questions on Operating Systems.

Thank you GeeksForGeeks for helping me prepare for Interview.

Finally 3 were shortlisted for P+I offer and took 6 for internship.

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