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Citrix Interview Experience (On-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 22 Jan, 2021

Citrix visited our campus for a software role. Online test was conducted on hackerrank platform and there were 2 coding questions and 40 MCQs based on different topics of computer science such as DBMS, OOP, OS, Networking. The cutoff was solving both coding questions and some MCQ correct.

**Round 1 -** It was taken on hackerrank code pair platform and only two coding questions were asked, and we were asked to pass all test cases one was based on an activity selection problem and the other was easy I don’t remember.

**Round 2 -** It was taken on Microsoft teams as the interviewer had some issue on hackerrank. This interview was to check the knowledge of SQL, Networks, DBMS, OS. Only basic questions were asked like what is demand paging, primary key, UDP & TCP, SQL query was a standard question like finding max salary, etc. Then 2 coding questions were asked to reverse a linked list and [this]( I was just able to answer most questions except a few. I would say I perform okayish in this round.

**Round 3 -** It started with tell me about yourself and a puzzle from gfg was asked and a coding question was asked (medium) and a lot of concept-based question were asked based on OOP and OS and I was able to answer each of them. The interviewer was quite satisfied with my conceptual knowledge and he asked some non-technical questions and the interview got over.

Prepare well on DSA and basic of all other subjects and after that things are not in your hand.

Thank you GFG community.

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