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Citicorp Interview Experience | Set 2 (On-Campus)

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Written Round: 

It was conducted on aspiring minds and there were 4 sections in total; quantitative aptitude, verbal, logical, and 2 codes in the last section. Shortlisting was done on the basis of only 3 sections, the coding section was not a part of shortlisting. 

First Round (technical): 

First quest. Was Tell me about urself. And then a series of coding questions followed as I said in my intro I am good with coding. 
# AVL tree basic rotation. 
#Trie tree no code just wanted to know how it works. 
#Deletion in BST. 
#Nth element from the end in the singly linked list. 
#Middle element in a linked list. 
#Implementation of DEQUE. 
#stack using linked list. 
#All anagrams of a string. 
#Was to create a data structure in which I used a linked list to create and successfully did that but don’t remember what was an actual question. 
#Segregation of 0.1.2’s in an array. 

few more question which I don’t remember right now. And 1 question he asked me from DBMS which I was unable to do as he wanted me to do, but my solution was also correct. 
The interview continued for 1 hr or maybe more. 

Second Round(HR) 

started with an introduction and basic HR questions about family background and hobbies but apart from these, he asked me to implement a hash function in c++. 
The interview continued for 15-20 min. 

Third Round(Technical) 

From all other fellows they took only 2 rounds, but I was called for 3rd. 
The interviewer wanted to know do I have some background in oops and OS because in my earlier rounds I was not asked about those topics. So he asked few basic questions from OS as well as oops and then in 15 min. only he was satisfied since they were getting late for dinner. It was at 12:30 midnight. And then he asked me to ask any queries if I have. 
I just asked about the verticles and environment. He gave me all details for the next 15 min. and then it was over. 

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Last Updated : 04 May, 2021
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