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Citibank Bangalore Interview | Set 4 (For Analyst Profile)
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 10 Dec, 2017

Round 1: They conducted a 1 hr test on AMCAT. Consists of Quantitative, Verbal and Data Interpretation, which are around 45 questions.

Round 2:  Shortlisted around 30 guys for Interviews out of 300 students. The first Interview was just a casual Talk. He asked me where are you from. I said Vijayawada. He asked me how things are going on in Vijayawada(As it is the new capital of Andhra Pradesh). Then he asked my views on Demonitization, GST, He asked me to explain my project as it is related to Machine Learning. Then he explained me what are all the things they work on at work(He did that for 5 min, I was expecting a question from him but instead he took a class for me). At last he asked about my passion in my life and have to choose between good name and money what would I choose.

Round 3: This was my last round. I wasn’t shortlisted for HR round. Technical HR  asked- do you know Linear Algebra as it was written in my CV. I said yes, then he gave me a matrix and asked me to find Eigen vectors.I found Eigen values but couldn’t find Eigen vectors. Next he asked me about my project then a small question on probability. Then another HR took over and asked me to introduce myself. Then he asked me the 100 story and 2 eggs puzzle. I haven’t done that question before so couldn’t do. Then he said you can leave now.

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