Check whether two numbers are in silver ratio

Given two numbers A and B, the task is to check that A and B are in silver ratio.

Silver Ratio: Two numbers are said to be in silver ratio if the ratio of the sum of the smaller and twice the larger number to the larger number is the same as the ratio of the larger one to the smaller one. Below is the representation of the silver ratio:
\frac{2*A+B}{A} = \frac{A}{B} = \delta_{\varsigma} = {1+ \sqrt{2}} = 2.414
for A > 0, B > 0


Input: A = 2.414, B = 1
Output: Yes
\frac{A}{B} = 2.414 \;\;\text{as well as}\;\; \frac{2*A + B}{A} = \frac{2.414}{1} = 2.414

Input: A = 1, B = 0.414
Output No
Explanation: Ratio of A to B do not form a golden ratio

Approach: The idea is to find two ratios and check whether they are equal to the silver ratio(2.414).

// Here A denotes the larger number
\frac{A}{B} = \frac{2*A + B}{A}                   = 2.414

Below is the implementation of the above approach:






# Python implementation to check 
# whether two numbers are in 
# silver ratio with each other
# Function to check that two 
# numbers are in silver ratio
def checksilverRatio(a, b):
    # Swapping the numbers such 
    # that A contains the maximum
    # number between these numbers
    a, b = max(a, b), min(a, b)
    # First Ratio
    ratio1 = round(a / b, 3)
    # Second Ratio
    ratio2 = round((2 * a + b)/a, 3)
    # Condition to check that two
    # numbers are in silver ratio
    if ratio1 == ratio2 and\
       ratio1 == 2.414:
        return True
        return False
# Driver Code
if __name__ == "__main__":
    a = 2.414
    b = 1
    # Function Call
    checksilverRatio(a, b)





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