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Chaayos Interview Experience for SDE Internship (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 18 Dec, 2021

Recently Chaayos conducted a hiring drive in some of the colleges of New Delhi for 6 months SDE intern role. Around 400 students appeared for the test. (Since there is no interview experience of Chaayos on gfg, I decided to write one!)

Round 1 (Online Round) – This round consisted of MCQs and 2 coding questions. MCQs were based on core CS subjects, React and java output programs. Coding questions were easy-medium category.

Coding questions

  1. Given a binary tree, modify nodes of the tree such that the value of left child of every node (if it exists) is equal to the sum of right child’s subtree and vice versa. If right child or left child don’t have a cousin, then their value becomes zero. 

    Example – 


   /   \
  2     4          
 /  \
7    3 


   /   \
  4    12         
 /  \
3    7 
  1. same as

Round 2 (Technical Interview 1) – The interviewer asked me to introduce myself and then jump directly to the questions. He asked me about my preferred language I said C++.

  • Describe all pillars of OOPs and write an example of each in C++.
  • I had used React in one of my projects so he asked to write to write a container which has 2 buttons. The first button increases a counter and second one decreases it until it reaches zero. This was easy.
  • What is Interface and abstraction?
  • Given a binary tree, print its spiral order.

Round 3 (Technical Interview 2) – In this interview, I was asked about many concepts of core cs subjects and three DSA questions. Questions about normalization, paging, difference between pass by value and pass by reference, what are static and dynamic data structures and one sql query.

  1. Given a table of ID and Language, how would you store each name in their respective ids. I told a hashmap approach of mapping integer to a vector of strings.
  2. Solved it using hashset.
  3. Given an array of zeroes and integers, modify array such that all zeroes come first and order is preserved. eg – [0,5,3,0,2,0,1] => [0,0,0,5,3,2,1]. I told I would use bubble sort and swap all zeroes to the left. He told me to optimize it, I told him an approach of using extra space and he was satisfied.

Write a class that shows constructor overloading.

Round 4 (HR Round) – In depth discussion about one of my projects that I had created using React and Django.

  • Typical HR questions like where do you see yourselves after 5 years, are you planning future studies etc.
  • Finally he asked me if I had any questions regarding the company, I said yes and asked him a few.

The next day I got a call that I have received the offer. 

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