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Cerner Interview Process
  • Last Updated : 31 Aug, 2018

Position Software Engineer(1-3 years)
1. HireVue Round
2. Versant Round
3. Technical Round
4. Technical & Managerial Round

Hirevue is online video round of 60 minutes.
1. Your introduction. you have to record your answer in 3 minutes.
2. what you do to learn new technology?
3. write a code to print second last word of input string. after code submission. you have to explain the approach you have used to solve the problem. why you have used this approach. you have to record your answer in 3 min.
4. write a code to count all 4 elements from input array that sum to zero

3 and 4th round include basic question of your technology and project you have worked on.

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