Celebal Interview Experience for Machine learning Engineer

Round 1: Online Coding Round:  1. This was the first round for a private company Celebal career I was applied for the position of machine learning Intern. The first round is MCQ based round in this  :

—> The first 20 questions are from machine learning MCQ based questions in which the asked are KNN based, basic questions regarding the libraries and the algorithm based questions.

—-> The last 10 questions related to object-oriented programming in python language. The optimization would keep in mind

Round 2: It is the telephonic Skype round and the toughest round. I had provided with 2 mentors.

–> Starting from the basic machine learning projects I have done in the past, then abi=out the basic algorithm I have applied, And what are the recommended algorithms, there were some new terms also like impurity, p-value. But I will be honest and told them about it with confidence. —-> There were times they asked about DSA questions like merge sort and all but before that, they asked about list comprehension simple program.

–> Pandas libraries functions like iloc and loc.

Round 3: Results for Round 2 yet to be anounced.

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