Brillio Interview Experience

Round 1:

Online Assessment
We had been given the online assessment where we have to sit anywhere and solve it. To complete that round 15 days where given. In those 15 days, there are three sections and we need to complete all 2 rounds compulsory.
  1. first-round consist of general aptitude, reasoning, charts, verbal.
  2. the second round was pure coding and 1 SQL question.
After the clearance of those rounds, they will select the top from each college and conduct the technical and HR rounds.

Round 2:

Technical Round
I have been called for the technical round before which we had been given the pre-placement talk by the company person showed some company-related presentation. Soon after that, the technical round started. there were around 4 panels and 100 students. so they divided the students around 25 each panel.
Each Student was given about 45-50 mins of the technical interview where for me the person was the one who took the presentation in the pre-placement talk. I was a bit nervous seeing him, but confident because I had a backup option which is TCS company.
The technical round started he asked me to be comfortable. started asking questions about my projects and final year project. Some related questions on that project to code. Some sorting programs to write. 1 SQL query the same which was there in the online assessment. Then he asked me which programming language I am comfortable in? and some basic programming questions like memory leakage etc.
After half an hour I got the result that I have cleared the technical round and selected for HR.

Round 3:


Once I have been to HR round I was pretty much confident to answer the questions that were thrown at me. The HR guy was nice. Some HR questions were like
  1. Introduce yourself?
  2. Your best friends and not so good friends and why?
  3. Your strengths and weaknesses?
  4. Relocation?
  5. Some scenario related questions?
The result of the HR round came at night 8 o clock till everybody complete there interview. I was in college and eager to wait for my result and I still remember it was raining. When the results were announced I was shivering but I was confident that my name will definitely be there in the list and the kind of the performance that I gave.
My name was on TOP and first to be called out that I was the first person to get selected for the company and it’s like around 1 minute I could not able to believe.
I immediately told my parents, my sister, and my relatives who always prayed for me to get selected in good company. Then, at last, all the photo sessions began with the company people, department, faculty. Altogether it was a good experience.

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