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Brief description about Software Myths

  • Last Updated : 25 Jun, 2021

Software Myths :

Most, experienced experts have seen myths or superstitions (false beliefs or interpretations) misleading attitudes (naked users) which creates

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Major problems for management and technical people. The opposite Types of software-related myths are listed below.

Types of Software Myths

(i) Management Myths :

Myth 1:

We have all the standards and procedures available for software development i.e. the software developer has all the reqd.

Fact :

  • Software experts do not know that there are all of them levels.
  • Such practices may or may not be expired at present / modern software engineering methods.
  • And all existing processes are incomplete.

Myth 2 :

The addition of the latest hardware programs will improve the software development.


  • The role of the latest hardware is not very high on standard software development; instead (CASE) Engineering tools help the computer they are more important than hardware to produce quality and productivity.
  • Hence, the hardware resources are misused.

Myth 3 :

  • Managers think that, with the addition of more people and program planners to Software development can help meet project deadlines (If lagging behind).

Fact : 

  • Software development is not, the process of doing things like production; here the addition of people in previous stages can reduce the time it will be used for productive development, as the newcomers would take time existing developers of definitions and understanding of the file project. However, planned additions are organized and organized It can help complete the project.

Different Stages of  Myths

(ii)Customer Myths : 

The customer can be the direct users of the software, the technical team, marketing / sales department, or other company. Customer has myths

 Leading to false expectations (customer) & that’s why you create dissatisfaction with the developer.

Myth 1 :

A general statement of intent is enough to start writing plans (software development) and details of objectives can be done over time.


  • Official and detailed description of the database function, ethical performance, communication, structural issues and the verification process are important.
  • It is happening that the complete communication between the customer and the developer is required.

Myth 2 :

  • Project requirements continue to change, but, change, can be easy location due to the flexible nature of the software.

Fact :

  • Changes were made to the final stages of software development but cost to make those changes grow through the latest stages of

          Development.  A detailed analysis of user needs should be done to minimize change requirement. Figure shows the transition costs in

          Respect of the categories of development.

(iii)Practitioner’s Myths :

Myths 1 :

They believe that their work has been completed with the writing of the plan and they received it to work.


  • It is true that every 60-80% effort goes into the maintenance phase (as of the latter software release). Efforts are required, where the product is available first delivered to customers.

Myths 2 :

There is no other way to achieve system quality, behind it done running.


  • Systematic review of project technology is the quality of effective software verification method. These updates are quality filters and more accessible than test.

Myth 3 :

An operating system is the only product that can be successfully exported project.


  • A working system is not enough, it is just the right document brochures and booklets are also reqd. To provide for guidance & software support.

Myth4 : 

Engineering software will enable us to build powerful and unnecessary document & always delay us.

Fact : 

  • Software engineering does not deal with text building, rather while creating better quality leads to reduced recycling & this is being studied for rapid product delivery.
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