Myths about Software Testing

There are many myths and false assumptions that continue to loom around Software Testing. There are also lots of myths out there which prevent from fully testing the software application that which can lead to produce a insecure and less productive software application. Software testing not only provides the security to the system or software application but also concentrates on fulfilling the requirements of the end users.

Following are the myths that need to be challenged for the purpose of good software quality:

  • Testing expenditure is unnecessary:
    Often people think that too much money expenditure on testing is unworthy but reality is that if testing done in a proper way then there will be a lot more savings on the further maintenance of the software. Repeatedly software maintenance cost is lot more than one time testing cost.

  • Testing takes lot time:
    It is often a talk around that testing consumes a lot of time but the fact is that testing is not a time consuming process. Although debugging takes more time as fixing the bugs are complicated.

  • Perfect Testing is possible:
    Often a client thinks that if software application is tested then it a perfect product but the fact is something else. There might exist some vulnerabilities that can’t be never executed during the testing process and it creates problems once the product is launched.

  • Only completely developed products are tested:
    It is always a consideration that once the software product is fully developed only then it is tested. But the fact is that after each functionality addition or removal software product is tested. If testing is carried out only after full development it might create a chaos and may take a lot of effort to fix it.

  • Tested software is defect less:
    A software can’t be 100% defect less even after thousands of testing processes. Often the clients and also developers think that if software is tested in multiple levels then it has zero bugs but it is only a myth while the fact is a software can’t be 100% defect less.

  • Automation testing consumes less time:
    It is true that automation testing consumes less time but automation testing can’t be performed at every stage of the software development and also automation testing is only performed after the manual testing. There are also some testing which are only performed only in manual way.

  • Software testing is cakewalk:
    Often people outside the testing team thinks that testing can be done by person with less experience and less knowledge. The reality is that testing is done by testing experts that are experienced and knowledge full personnel in order to get productive software.

  • Testing is all about finding bugs:
    It is true that finding bugs is the one of the prominent objective of the testing but it is not the only objective. Besides finding bugs there are several areas that are checked during the testing process. Software functional and non-functional requirements are checked during the testing process.

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