BlueStacks Interview Experience

Round 1 consisted of 30 MCQs questions of good Quality level to be done in 60 Minutes and it was a Pen and paper based test.
Out of 100 Students that appeared 24 were selected for the second round which was a Programming contest on Hackerrank and consisted of 3 Questions to be done in 1 hour 30 minutes.


Q2:Super Stack problem of CodeJam

Q3; A variation of lps used in KMP Algo.

Out of 24, 11 made it to the next round which included F2F interviews.

F2F Interview 1:

Interviewer started discussing my resume and projects, then asked me to solve the below problem
After giving him the dp Solution he asked me to find out the mathematical expression related to this problem so that this could be done in O(1).
I couldn’t do it so he moved forward and asked another puzzle which was:

I solved this Puzzle then he went into OOPS and asked almost everything including what is Volatile keyword, extern, explicit ,type checking,typecasting,Difference between C,C++. What is Exception handling,Memory layout of C, How are namespaces used and why are they used. the discussion went on for long.
But if had covered all the articles thoroughly it would have been very easy for anyone.
Then another Long discussion on the topic whether Os is a manager or CEO .
When it comes to such type of discussion you have to show how well thorough you are with the basics of Subjects and stick to your points even if the interviewer contradicts.

Out of 11, 5 people were selected for next round
The conversation started with a discussion of Projects then he asked me to design a LRU Cache, then DBMS Basics like What is a foreign key, then He asked me to design a URL shortener and after that few HR questions like which field interests me and Why BlueStacks?

Eventually, they needed only 2 students and I didn’t make it. Sometimes your selection is also based on relative performance of other as well. but I cracked the another Company the very next day so it doesn’t matter whether you made it in one company or not, keep learning from your experiences and keep improving.

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