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Blackrock Interview Experience for Data-Scientist Intern FMG Role – On Campus

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 14 Sep, 2020
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Round 1(110 minutes): The first round comprised of 5 sections where most of the sections were related to aptitude and technical. In technical MCQs, DSA and algorithms were mainly focused. The duration of the test was 110minutes.

Round 2(Technical 40-50minutes):

  1. What is the const keyword in c++?
  2. How do you implement a const member function?
  3. Implement a const member function to change the data of a variable?
  4. Some questions in depth related to const and static keyword?
  5. Find pairs in an array such that their sum is equal to k? (constraints were not to use hashmap to solve the problem). I gave a solution by sorting an array and solved the problem using two pointer approach.
  6. Difference between abstract and interface?
  7. Real-life examples of abstract class and interface?
  8. Some questions related to object-oriented programming

Round 3(Technical 40-50minutes):

  1. What is the linear regression?
  2. How to reduce errors in linear regression and some discussion on it?
  3. What is the difference between list and vector in c++?
  4. Can you explain how vector works internally?
  5. What is the smart pointer in c++?
  6. Write a code to find is array A is a subset of array B? I used hashmaps to solve the solution in o(n) time.
  7. Write a code to insert an element in the data structure, such that on insertion it deletes all the elements/numbers greater than it? I gave a stack-based solution
  8. Solve the Ant and triangle puzzle.

Round 4(HR 20minutes):

  1. Discussion about projects in my resume for about 10minutes. He was focused on team-based projects and how did I tackle the problems to come up with the best solution.
  2. Why Blackrock?
  3. Flexible to different locations?

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