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Bharti SoftBank (Hike) Interview Experience | Set 7 (For SDE)

Last Updated : 02 Sep, 2019
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First Round Written Test(75 minutes)

  1. 1. 20 MCQ questions based on DBMS, OS, Outputs, Data Structure.
  2. 2. Two coding questions :
    a. Minimum Number of Platforms Required for a Railway/Bus Station
    b. Maximum difference between two elements such that larger element appears after the smaller number/
    F2F Interviews
    Round 1 🙁 45-50 minutes)
    1. Asked my approach of written coding questions and asked to optimize if possible.
    2. Given k lists of different sizes having some integers, find the minimum range [l, r] such that atleast one integer from each list should come in that range.

    Round 2(Pen & Paper) : (30 minutes)
    1. Write an algorithm for converting bst to sorted doubly link list.

    Round 3 : (1 hour)
    1. About my Summer Intern project and semester projects.
    2. About distributed storage and parallel processing and basics of Hadoop.
    3. Some questions on Database querying like caching and in disk querying and asked me to design a query solving system for the use case when millions of queries are coming per second.
    4. One puzzle of red and blue balls, I told him that I know the solution.
    5. One simple DP question to find the number of ways to reach n if 1 or 2 steps are allowed, I said I have already solved a good version of this question if 1 to m steps are allowed using simple DP. He smiled and said I am not going to ask any questions you are going to the next round. And admired me for my honesty.
    Round 4 : (1:30 hour)
    1. Implement a queue using stacks with O(1) enqueue as well as O(1) dequeue.
    2. Implement URL shortener.
    3. Nut bolt problem, I said I have already solved this earlier. But he still asked me the approach and I had given O(nlogn) approach.
    4. Multiple Threads are updating a stack concurrently then what is the problem and how to deal with it.
    5. Semaphore and its uses in real-life scenarios.
    6. Egg floor puzzle. I told him that I know the solution.
    7. About distributed processing and Hadoop
    8. Hashing and B tree and which is better and why and asked for the use cases also when the particular is better.

    Telephonic :
    Round 5: (CTO round) (15 minutes)
    1. Why do you want to work at hike ?
    2. About my Summer Intern project.
    3. One data base design question and asked me about the data structures that I would use for the particular use case and why and then optimize.
    Round 6: (CEO round) : (10 minutes)Proper HR questions.

    Round 7 (HR) : (6 minutes)
    1. About my Summer Intern project (general overview).
    2. Discussion about the full time + intern offer and about the new office and work culture stuff.

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