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Best Student Partnership or Campus Ambassador Programs For College Students

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  • Last Updated : 28 Feb, 2022
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Many times scrolling through LinkedIn we come across posts announcing that “I have been selected as the Ambassador of this organization or that organization”, but the fact is that most of us not aware of what these programs actually are? Why should a student join them? And what are the best programs for college students? So these are the questions that will be answered in this post.

Best Student Partnership or Campus Ambassador Programs For College Students

What are the Student Partner or Campus Ambassador programs?

Student Partner programs are the initiatives taken by some big tech companies in which they try to bridge the gap between college education and skills required in the industry. The way these programs function in any college is first they make a group of enthusiastic students who are willing to learn and then assign some mentors and teachers who teach them different skills. In this way, students get a good grasp of many new technologies, and they understand how technologies and things are actually done in companies. A few students who already have some experience in these programs or some specific fields can apply for Campus Ambassador programs, as their main job is to lead or help other students by conducting workshops and seminars.

What are the actual benefits of these programs?

There are many benefits of joining a student program or being a Campus Ambassador, some of them are listed below:

  • Good Peer Group: One of the first benefits of joining this community is a good peer group who are all willing to learn and achieve something big.
  • Team Work: “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” This is a very famous saying and quite true in everyone’s life. If one wants to achieve something very significant, a team of like-minded people is a must. Working on an interesting project and learning new things inculcate a feeling of trust among students which is very important in a good work environment.
  • Learn from Industry Experts: This is probably the best thing about these students’ programs – they provide some amazing people from the industry who have done really well in their field, and now students get to learn from them.
  • Leadership, Positive Attitude, and Good Communication Skills are also some skills that a student learns while being a part of student communities. Along with all these, there can be some students who perform exceptionably well in these programs and get a direct internship or job opportunities.

What are the best programs for coders?

1. GeeksforGeeks Campus Ambassador Program

The first program on our list is the GeeksforGeeks Campus Ambassador program. Now GeeksforGeeks is a name every computer science student is aware of. It is the most prominent student ambassador program across all Indian colleges and universities. In this program, GeeksforGeeks appoints a campus ambassador after reviewing and interviewing all applicants and provides them with a task to make a group of students who are willing to learn and teach computer science fundamentals, conduct events and seminars, spread awareness about and implement some marketing plans as well. In the process of being a GFG Campus Ambassador, there are many learning opportunities for the students, both while conducting and attending events – they get a certificate of leadership and goodies, and the best thing is that they are also provided with career counselling and mentorship by GeeksforGeeks mentors.

2. GitHub Campus Expert

GitHub Campus Expert is the second program that we are going to look into. It is a really amazing program that is exclusive to students with the GitHub Student Developer Pack and the applicant must be over 18 years of age. This program accepts only a handful number of students, whose main job is to manage groups of people who have a learning mindset and provide them with enough knowledge and skills to work on some large and amazing projects. The students who get selected in the GitHub Campus Expert program will get training from GitHub on public speaking, technical writing, leadership skills, and software development. Most of the time only one applicant from a college is selected.

3. Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors

Now the next program that we are going to look at is the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador program. It is one of the most renowned programs for college students out there, earlier it was known by the name of Microsoft Students Partner Program. In this program students are provided with a lot of resources along with some superb mentors, to conduct various seminars, activities, networking-events, and technical-workshops, all focused on the main goal of empowering the surrounding students. Microsoft has given a lot of effort to provide students with the best possible resources and curriculum. Their partnership program is divided into different milestones such as alpha, beta, and gold, which serves as a very good way to keep track of an individual’s success. All in all, this is a very good way to kick-start your journey towards the industry environment.

4. Developer Circle (Facebook)

This Developer Circle program is managed by Facebook. The real idea behind this program is so that students can connect with the local developers’ community that is in their city, work on some innovative projects, conduct webinars or workshops, work on their professional skills, and else. Each developer’s circle is provided with some local leaders whose main job is to guide their juniors, collaborate with them in some projects, supervise seminars and resources provides by Facebook. Here students get to learn and work on some amazing technologies such as Spark AR, Oculus, React Native, and Facebook Open Source. There are many other opportunities as well for the students who perform very well in the community, for instance, they can be awarded cash prizes or some premium course on Udacity related to software development.

5. Developer Student Clubs (Google)

Developer Student Club is a program supervised by Google. The main focus of the Developer Student Club is to help students bridge the gap between what is taught in college and how the work is done in the industry. Basically, they are aiming to make students ready for a professional career in the software development field. This program is mainly targeted at universities and colleges, here they have a group of undergraduate students who are keen on learning about Google Developers Technologies such as Android, Flutter, Firebase, Web, TensorFlow, Cloud, and else. Together these students work on many projects which aim to provide some help to local businesses and the community, conduct hackathons, webinars, and workshops related to new Google technologies.

6. Google Developer Groups

This is also a program managed by Google which is similar to the Developer Student Club but instead of operating only on the college or university level, Google Developer Groups operate citywide. Google Developer Groups works on the idea to connect developers with an interest in similar technology, provide them with resources and mentorship to work on Google Developers Technologies. It plays a very crucial role in providing a ground on which beginners or junior developers can interact with senior and more experienced people from the industry, which helps them understand the technology better, open new opportunities, and accelerate their careers in the desired direction.

7. Intel Student Ambassador Program

Intel Student Ambassador program focuses on providing leadership events to students from the college who are pursuing graduate or Ph.D. level studies in the field of HPC, data science, and artificial intelligence. As a part of this program, students are provident with many resources such as Intel’s oneAPI libraries (used to make high-speed data parcel APIs), training equipment, cloud services, and exclusive training from developers, to assist further research and development of products. As of now, the main focus of this program is to do research on artificial intelligence and its uses in the industry and education.

8. Major League Hacking

Another amazing community that students can be a part of is Major League Hacking, it is the community that is known for its wonderful events, hackathons, and internship opportunities all across the globe. This organization has some amazing resources for students such as Career and Internship opportunities, coding challenges, etc. Here students who are a part of this organization can get a lot of opportunities to learn from various events and hackathons and if someone wants to organize his own hackathons there are options available to that also. This year they have also started an open-source event called MLH Fellowship to provide students with an alternative to their internships.

9. AWS Educate (Amazon)

AWS Educate is a program which is backed by Amazon – it is very famous among students and professional communities. This program is available for students, educators, and employees, and the basic idea behind is to teach people about amazon cloud services and software development. Coming to the students’ part, here they are taught all the basic and medium level concepts of AWS services, they also receive training and mentorship for employment opportunities. This course features nicely-structured content and very well curated guideline and pathways for the student to help them achieve their goal of getting a job in the cloud computation field.

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