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Best Career Options for CS/IT Graduates

Last Updated : 21 May, 2021
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Do you know the variety of career options you have after graduation? Apart from the ordinary ones, do you want to know the other career options you might have missed exploring? If yes, then this article may help you out. Many of us may be stuck with the one question on our mind and that’s what are we going to do after our graduation? Or what if we don’t land a lucrative job like the others? Many such questions arise as we may not have explored the array of career opportunities we have, to the fullest. 


In this article we will know 5 very useful career options you can think of, to reshape yourself for the near future. Let’s get started:

1. Research

This is one of the best options after graduating, although the least preferred. Many in-demand fields such as Big Data, Data Mining, Human-Computer Interaction, Networking, NLP, AI, etc, are available for research. Did you know that there are certain institutes that offer research opportunities right after your Bachelor’s Degree? Reputed educational institutes in India such as IIT Delhi, IIT Kanpur, and IIT Hyderabad offer Ph.D. right after you graduate, and it’s not restricted to India. Given that you have a valid research proposal and letter of recommendation to back it up with good academic scores, there are other institutes around the world mostly in the USA, Singapore & UK, you can opt for as well. Apart from them, there are dedicated organizations for research such as the famous DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization) and ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) that you can apply for after your graduation. 

2. Masters 

These days the Master’s degree is being given utmost importance in the hiring process over a Bachelor’s degree. So, even if you did not end up placed after your Bachelor’s, now is the time to keep your past aside and begin your quest for a much bigger future. Masters programs are not only available in Computer Science but also in other specific related fields such as Web Technologies, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Applied Statistics, and the most popular Data Science. You may need to wait a few more years for your dream job to come true, but that’s the very nature of success, it takes time! In addition, these days CS graduates are expected to have an equal blend of technical and management skills. This is why many post-graduates would still want an educational qualification in Business Administration and would continue to pursue their MBA. This is especially important for future entrepreneurs willing to start a company.

3. Entrepreneurship

This is the one area that shaped the lives of many famous business people who are in turn shaping the lives of many others. But entrepreneurship is an art that involves a lot of risks and requires serious planning, dedication, and execution. You can start off on your own or by forming a group of interested people as it has a lot to do with teamwork. You can start by researching and analyzing the needs of people and finding out what they wish to have. After deciding on that, you may proceed with allocating different roles to respective individuals in the group. And finally, if you manage to successfully impress a lot of people by presenting your idea, then that’s the green signal. Forget about your dream job when you can create many of them and impact thousands or even more people – employees and customers alike.

4. Full-Time Job 

If you get placed in a top-notch MNC with a salary package of your dreams, then this is your obvious go-to option. Given that you get to work on on-demand projects with development roles in the best product-based companies, you are going to gain a lot of experience, meet a variety of talented individuals, know the importance of teamwork and learn something new in the end. Above all of this, you get to earn a decent amount of money and can literally declare yourself independent. But if you didn’t get placed or didn’t get the package you thought you deserved, then you are most likely to be stopped by YoE. Then what you can do is apply for internships instead or for full-time roles in one of the best startup companies, preferably with a smaller workforce to get yourself more attention and in the end, more experience. If you wish to start applying off-campus, you’ll need a structure of what you want to do. To decide that firstly, your brain needs to think fresh. So, it is first advisable to relax mentally and physically. After that, you can spend the rest of your time on having your resume checked, ways to gain work experience, ways to undergo work-specific training, interview preparation, etc.

5. Freelancing

This is an option that not many of us have heard of. This is also commonly referred to as self-employment. Although this is considered to be tiring sometimes, it is quite rewarding as well. Also, the amount you get paid here depends upon what your job is and who is providing it. There are freelancing jobs in a variety of fields such as Android App development, ChatBot development, Cloud Computing, and HTML development being some top picks in the IT domain. Even if you want to explore sales and marketing there are jobs related to advertising, SEO, Data Analytics, Content Marketing, and so on. Such jobs not only offer flexibility in your working hours but also considering that you can take up these jobs from pretty much any place as long as you have a stable internet connection and a laptop, it’s a dream come true for someone who finds it difficult to travel to distant places and would like to cut down a lot of expenses. However, freelancing has its own cons and three of them that you must definitely take into consideration are variable pay, not being able to claim the conventional employee benefits that a regular company would offer, and isolation from fellow employees.

Now we had a glimpse of some out of the many options we have after graduation! Doing any of these requires commitment, resourcefulness, and most importantly patience. You now know that there’s nothing left to lose and everything to seek. So, find your path, sort out your priorities and make it happen!!

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