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Belzabar Software Interview Experience | Set 4

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I recently had interview at Belzabar.

After aptitude round only 69 students were shortlisted out of 256.

First Round(F2F):
He started asking questions about data structure. Questions were easy.Graph and heap sort were mainly focused topic.

Second Round(F2F):
In second round, he asked one puzzle(Haretown and Tortoiseville are 45 miles apart. A hare travels at 7 miles per hour from Haretown to Tortoiseville, while a tortoise travels at 2 miles per hour from Tortoiseville to Haretown.

If both set out at the same time, how many miles will the hare have to travel before meeting the tortoise en route? ).

Then he focused on java basic questions.

Third Round(F2F):
In this round he asked me 2 code reverse a string without using temp variable.

then asked one query( DBMS query to print the nth largest salary in baghel table ). Two 2 linked ques and 3 tree questions he asked like(mirror of tree).


1.tell me about yourself.

2.why do you want to join Belzabar.

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Last Updated : 29 Jan, 2015
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