Barclays Pune QA Interview Experience

Round 1: Aptitude cum coding test

Time: 30 Mins

Difficulty Level: Very Easy

Total Questions: 20

Negative Marking: No

The aptitude test consist of basic mathematics questions, basic oops questions and few from selenium webdriver. The difficulty of questions was very easy. There were few question’s answers intentionally given wrong in the paper. I guess 15/20 correct answers would be enough to clear the round.

Round 2: Coding Round 

Platform: Codility

Time : 35 Mins

Difficulty Level: Easy

One problem solving question. Need to solve it in 35 minutes. For me problem statement was as below:

Input String: 1234567890
Output: 1029384756

Input: 130
Output: 103

Input: 1012
Output: 1201

Output should be a sequence of characters where first character would be coming from left side of the input string and next character would be from right side of the string.


Round 3: Face to Face Discussion

It was f2f discussion with two  interviewers. They interviewed me for more than 2 hrs and asked questions from oops concepts, problem solving (asked very basic programs like array sorting, reverse a string, count the occurence of a character in a string, find second max of an array), asked questions from api testing, different ways to automate. There were questions from test data reading concepts as well. They asked question from selenium webdriver, testng, listeners, reporting, sql, jenkins, git, basic linux. Overall they assessed from all the angles. They made sure that, I am able to write my answers on paper. Also, there were questions from framework designing as well.


Round 4: Values Round

Questions like, Why do you want to join Barclays?

Round 5: Salary Discussion


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