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Bajaj Finserv Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

  • Last Updated : 17 Aug, 2021

Bajaj Finserv visited our campus in August 2021 for the full-time role of a trainee, for this role we had 3 choices Android Development(Kotlin), Microservices Java, Web development Angular. 

We had to choose one beforehand, as the written test was based on our choice. I chose Android. Total we had 4 rounds, 2 written tests, 1 technical interview, 1 HR interview.

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Written Test 1: This was a unique first round as there was no DSA or aptitude in it. 

  • The task was, an API was given in to which we had to submit our data such as name, email, college, etc. through a ‘PUT’ request. We had to write code for it and also submit the binary data of the code file in the same API call. 
  • 78 students clear this round out of 330 applicants.

Written Test 2: This test was conducted on the HackerEarth platform having 12 MCQs on Kotlin, DSA, aptitude, and 2 easy to medium level coding questions on Arrays. I was able to clear 50% test cases of both questions.  

Technical Interview: The interviewer asked me to introduce myself and go through my resume. 

  • I told him about my projects(2 Angular projects, 2 Android projects). 
  • Then he asked me if my projects were live or not, so I told him about my recent Angular project which is live. 
  • After we moved on to one of my Android projects.
  •  Then he asked me basic programming questions like: “reverse a string”, “swap two numbers without third variable”, “remove duplicated from a list”. Then we moved on to android related questions: “activity vs fragment”, “types of intents”. 
  • My interview got over in just 15 mins. Students, who didn’t have relevant projects on their resumes, were asked DSA questions and their interview went for about an hour.

HR Interview: This was just a phone call and HR confirmed that do we really want to join this company and how their technical rounds were.

A total of 29 students were selected, 5 from my branch(Electrical).

Tip: Having relevant projects will give you an advantage in technical interviews as you can engage the interviewer mostly telling about your projects, If not you will have to face DSA questions.

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